Why do Taurus men go from hot to cold?

I just want to know why Taurus men go from hot to cold like over night? I liked this guy, we went out, was flirting and texting. Then out of the blue nothing, he is still cordial at times, sometimes he says stuff to try to get a rise out me, but most of the time it is just cordial. Not like it was, he use to flirt and was more touchy before. And now I am wondering what his deal is? Or did I do something, I want to be mean and blow him off, but he has this charming way of pulling you in to where you forget why you were mad. He is driving me nuts! I just need to know what to do.


I do this all the time -.- I'm not trying to play games. We just try to achieve a certain outcome and if there's no positive feedback we give up..for a bit! We are too persistent and stubborn to give up for long. That's why we'll blow "hot" again when we start it up again. Example is that I flirt a lot with my female co-workers and if I try to make progress but am denied, I usually just ignore or act detatched with her until I can't help it anymore xD

Best thing to do is make sure they know they like you. Show an ACT of it or SAY something. Maybe he already knows but you might've said something/done something. Now you need to go out of your way (do something nice/say something nice) to "even" it up again before we open up once more.


Yerh, i am facing to the exact same situation as you... exact situation... he's just acting like a complete different person who doesn't even know me or something, at times i wonder, "why don't you at least pay a bit attention to what i say and do like before"....he makes me feel as if i just fell down from the moon and all the things we had together before is like almost all gone...he used to have all his eyes on me, no one but me! He used to always flirt with me and hang around me, but after 2 weeks of holidays, ........................:S he at times talk to me and glance at me, but it just really look like he is trying his best to control it... not until today, he was talking to me like i'm his next door neighbour! There is absolute no chemistry...

I'm feeling as crazy and confused as you right now, i really like him too, i miss the way he befriended me and made me felt very noticed and loved... i don't know what i did! He probably heard some rumours going around, saying i will never like him or i hate him, idk...

So....... from all this, i guess it's something very typical for Taurus guys... or he might heard a rumour going around as well about you that he didn';t like at all...he probably thinks there is no hope in between u and him... i have no idea... something i reckon u should figure out as well, is that, are Taurus guys super good at hiding their feelings... he is probably thinking of you 24/7, and is noticing you a lot, but he's hiding it... this is something i should figure out for my Taurus guy as well...

Good Luck and dw, i'm facing to this too;_ylt=AuNmxjFeQzO.thBYNpX9GWDg5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20100728031635AAW8Jiw


We're very easy to annoy, and very easy to displease... unfortunately.

I've said it before, and i'll say it again, us Taurean folk live our stability... we need it. We're open to everyone in our lives but if they do the slightest thing wrong we analyze the relationship we built up with them to see if they are worth keeping in our lives. We don't want people in it who are just going to use us and such... we're very cautious like that.

You may have done something to upset him, said something simple that pressed the wrong button, or said something harsh... i don't know.


He might be self conscious... we don't mind flirting, but if it doesn't get any further we become upset by it and feel unloved by the person.

I suggest you talk to him, in whichever way you can and make it clear how you feel and ask him what you did 'wrong'. Then leave it up to him to get back to you. Don't rush him or that will annoy him more.


Whatever his reason, it ain't because he was born at a particular time of the year. There is absolutely ZERO evidence for astrology. The sooner you stop expecting people to behave in certain ways just because of their birthdates, the better for you.


I have dated many Taurians and am married to one. Here's what's up: they are very reserved with their emotions and feelings. They don't share them with just anyone, they need to deem you worthy. If they trust you, they will open up. Watch out though *once* they do tell you how they feel it will be so intense, you won't know what hit you. Very passionate. It's all about timing though.

Mine acted hot and cold and I got super pissed (fire sign) and I noticed that they may like the fact that I chased them and gave them attention. They know they can trust me and I am reliable, I have shown this.

Time is a huge thing. Longer you know them, more comfortable they are with you. Don't expect to find anything out if you met a Taurus and are trying to get answers right away: you may just push them away.

Here's what you do: You try to NOT take the behavior personally. I know this is difficult as it can be hurtful. I lashed out and told him he pissed me off a few times. He actually told me "I understand why you are mad, you have every reason to be" so if it's not TOO confrontational then tell him how you feel. He will see you care enough to even bother with him. Taurians give everything of themselves and thus get hurt a lot. This isn't the type of guy who is going to chase you, remember, this is a fixed sign. WHEN they are ready they WILL tell you how they feel. Patience is the key. Took mine months to tell me.