What are the signs that a Capricorn guy loves you?

I really like one of my friends; we're relatively close but not extremely, and he's a Capricorn. I've only recently begun to think he might have feelings for me too, but as Caps have subtle ways of expressing love, I was wondering if there are any signs that could help me figure him out a little more, or ways to test whether he really is into me?

I'm an Aries female, and if you don't know already, it's sometimes hard for us to pick up on anything less than a glowing neon sign (from my experience).

Please help if you can! The more information, the better! Thank you (:

(Note: I don't need to know the Cap's personality- I already do. <3 I'm looking more for how his personality will come into play when expressing romantic feelings.)


capricorns in romance? They take their time and you don't lol. Just be patient with him. Your karmic lesson in life is to learn to be patient anyways. Cappys will tell you they love you maybe six times over the course of 29 years. Unless they have a lot of air signs in their chart. Its very hard to tell if they love you. With my cappy it was that glow in his eye and the way he shyly asked my friends about my life plans (you know how capricorns plan!). Also if he introduces you to his family he probably loves you very much. If you seriously want a capricorn to even admit he likes you you absolutely, positively, definitely have to get along with his mama. My capricorn friend looked depressed for the first time and I was worried. Why was he upset? His girlfriend said she didn't like his mother. Thats one of the worst things you can say to a capricorn guy. Just warning you, his now ex girlfriend was had an aries moon and venus. watch your tongue when it comes to cancer like subjects like his home, parents, and childhood.

Its harder to tell if a cappy loves you than a scorpio! He will tell you when hes absolutely sure he does. wear a wire and record it. Replay it everytime you fight. Because capricorns say they love you when they propose, after your birth them babies, and when they think they are losing you. Capricorns do use people so its hard to tell if they truly love you. you know their motto is "i use" and it also means i use people! If a capricorn is into you they do nice things for you. They are polite and dutiful. They will always be there for you. If you act really goey and give him devoted, sweet love you'll really open him up and get his true romantic side to show. Cappys are secret romantics. he wil buy you flowers, flirt, touch you gently, take you to beautiful places, and make you laugh. They have quite a sense of humor, when you have the key to his heart you'll find lots of wonderful things you'll never know were hidden unless you had taken the time to gain his trust. Trust=love to capricorn so see how much he trusts you with whats really important to him. good luck sweetie


The same signs as anyone.

Seriously... horoscopes? *sigh* You could find truth in any horoscope about anyone. They just don't mean anything. How could they?

Anyways I suggest you ignore the stupid horoscopes look for the kinds of signs that anyone would give off. If he's shy it might not be as easy. But try to look for the differences in the way he acts, looks, and speaks with you compared to just any other friends.


with a capricorn you have look at their charts but i know when they have intrest in you they will act on this intrest but they are compatible with:tarus, cancer, virgo, pisces and some times leo and most attracted to: leo and gemini



(a). Slobber in your ear, or,

(b). Hump your leg.


Capricorns in general are very reserved so for this aspect he may not show his feelings at least not in public. Capricorns are very subtle and are somewhat on the shy side; they are worry warts so they may worry so much about the result they may not ask you out.

Earth signs are touchy feeling types so if he likes you look for subtle things like hand on shoulder, etc. and they are ambitious and usually the people they are attracted to have strong ambitious qualities. So overall I would look for things like how much physical contact he gives you, like "accidentially" brushing up against you that sort of thing and remember they are generally not out there with their emotions. Smile, if he smiles at you alot I would say give a try. Just go slow with it.