What zodiac stereotypes have you found to be true?

What zodiac stereotypes have you found to be true?


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Well this is just based on my own personal experience so feel free to ignore it or disagree with it,

Scorpios love sex.

Cancers love families.



ok, well I'll just go through a negative and positive thing about each sign I've found to be true- so don't thumbs down! i'm gunna say something about everyone!

Aquarius- distant, but honest

gemini- fickle, but lively

libra- self indulgent, but easy going

aries- impulsive, but brave

leo- a bit selfish occasionally, but warm hearted

sagittarius- tactless, but good natured

taurus- STUBBORN. but, very loving

Virgo- perfectionists, but very humble

capricorn- a bit cold, but very hard working

cancer- over emotional, but very kind

scorpio- can be the very jealous and possessive type, but have really magnetic personalities

pisces- this ones trickiest for me..... a bit weak willed, but selfless.


sag bosses suck!

geminis are cheater by nature.

we scorpios are vengful, and jealous

leos love power and tend to be arrogant.

pisces are good dreamers.

aquarius are good talkers( can talk the whole nyt) and kind of distant

aries tend to be good leaders

cancers are moody, indirect and complicated, esp. in relationships.

capricorns tend to love old chaps!

air signs signs are not good for water signs, sometimes atleast.

taurus is a stubborn sign.


Almost everyone for an Aries

...for me at least :P


Cancers are moody, but caring.

Geminis are crazy, but fun.

Aries will exhaust you, but they are nice people.

Sagittarius & Aquarius are different in a good way.

Pisces are mysterious.

I don't know many Earth signs, so it's hard to comment on them. My dad is a Capricorn, though, and he's great.


LIBRA'S SEE BOTH SIDES OF A SITUATION. Scorpios are very sarcastic. Sagittarius are accident prone.


Sags are tactless and can offend easily with words although they dont mean to at all


That taurus's are stubborn..