Aquarius woman and Capricorn man relationship?

What do you think? pros, cons of the relationship?


I think it would make a wonderful relationship!

Aquarius girls are funny, inventive original humantarian and loving people

Capricorn males are funny loyal ambitious charming and caring.

I think a Capricorn guy needs someone who's positive in their life who will uplift their spirit and make them feel good about themself and their goals in life, the aquarius girl is just the person for it. She is loving and romantic and cares about people's feelings, she is loyal when in a relationship but the only problem is she's independent and capricorns are emotionally needy.

If they know how to respect each others independence then it should be a fine relationship, I think they make a wonderful love- friendship relationship bc they're so loyal to each other and fun to be with, they can make great working partners since capricorn is so business oriented but no creative as the imaginative aquarius girl.

The problem is aquarius girl can be insensitive and say rude things while the capricorn guy can be unforgiving and not about to take criticism from being to sensitive.


you know what, honestly i know a lot of couples like these in real life. this is a good combo.


Too boring for her. She' ll ditch him for a Pisces man.


I know of so many Capricorn/Aquarius marriages that it' s getting to be NOT funny.

The two signs have a lot more in common than people realize: Determined, goal-oriented, cheap with a buck, modest and unassuming, eager to make the world a better place, moralistic, level-headed, good in emergencies, great senses of humor.

Aquarians tend to be attracted to the potential of a person as well, and who has more potential than a Capricorn?

No wonder they' re a much more common pairing than most people realize.