Why are Aries women rude?

Not all but the ones I've come across think they're better than others.


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Not all of them are like this; in fact, I know some very nice Aries women but I think you're right about the majority. Aries women are known for both their ego and their temper. A lot of them do act like they're better than everyone and have a tendency to look down on others. They love attention (even more than Leos do) and become very jealous and competitive when anyone receives more attention than them. I personally don't get on with Aries females all that well because of their enormous ego, the fact that they can be very, very mean and the way they will act out for attention. More often than not, they are not concerned with anyone's feelings besides their own and generally don't care if they hurt people or not. As I said in the first sentence, not all Aries women are like this but the majority that I've known certainly are.


I'm not rude and i'm an Aries. As a matter of fact, I am very friendly


I'm a shy aries who is known for being helpful. I get joy in helping others feel better.


It Is Just The Way Aries Are .


I have no idea ....


Just bad experience. Everyone has bad experience with each sign.


They are just honest and want to get everything of their chest. They say what they think or what they think is needed to be said.


Every aries woman i have came across is very outgoing and always very direct and tells me i am hot or cute they always try to chat me up and after my number even if they are married!