Which signs act the most fake and phony and which signs are the most real?

What signs act fake and phony? What signs act the most real and honest?


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The most fake signs are definitely Cancer and Scorpio. They are cool to your face and stab you in the back the minute you turn around. Very two-faced and deceptive. There is no way I would trust either of these signs even for a second.

I think the most real and honest signs are Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius. These signs don't mess around with BS. They just keep it real and tell it like it is.


Pisces & Libra = fake, well more like people pleasers

Aqua & Sag = they keep it real



I Am So Real .


Libras and gemini are the fakeist. Libras are materialistic and always want what others have along with Gemini. Gemini act and change themselves to be liked and accepted


Libra's come across quite fake cause they just do or say whatever will please other people and love to fish for compliments so they might 'put themselves down' when they know there's nothing wrong with them they just want to be praised.

geminis can be very two faced and changeable so they might be fake too

I think taurus and cancer are generally real and Aquarius are very honest, I think..


i think the most fake are gemini, because of the whole twin thing. and also pisces. just because they always want to please everyone and i just dont trust them. the most real i would say are fire and earth signs, we dont go sneaking around anyone. and the most honest is sagittarius, were very blunt lol


No matter how hard one tries, noone will be able to answer this question properly without generalizing and others being biased with their signs and will only lead to those GUILTY pointing fingers at everyone else.

And to those who say Pisces, can you please help me find my middle fingers? haha.

I think I misplaced them again. :D



In my experience?

Most Fake;

Libra - These guys are like the peace makers of the zodiac, and hate any fights or disputes. So they're usually go around agreeing with everyone, and being all charming to them. I like them, but i get really paranoid cos i'm like "Are they telling the truth, or are they just sh!tting me?"

Cancer - The Cancers i know, are so damn insecure. Honestly, they need everyone to tell them how they're doing okay or they're good people 24/7. And the only you can really do that, is succumb to peer pressure and be two faced to everyone. Pretend your everyone's friend. And that's what Cancer seems to do. Plus they're very sensitive so they'd probably hate having enemies.

Scorpio - Meet the bad type of Scorpio and it's horrible. One minute they're the most charming lovely person you've ever met in your life. THEN they turn on you, and call you every name under the sun. I really can't understand these people, they're so nice and then they turn on you. And because their emotions are so intense, their hate is HORRIBLE.

Most Honest;

Taurus - The Taurus' i've met always tell it how it is. And you always know if they don't like you. They may not be very tactful, but i'm very grateful that they can stand there and let you know upfront that they don't like you. Might hurt, but in the long run i'm glad for it. I always know where i stand with them.

Aquarius - Usually just ignore you if they don't like you, and they always tell the truth in a serious conversation. They're not tactless as such, they can just blurt things out that might offend other people. But they're always true to the bone these people. I've never met a two faced Aquarius, ever.

Aries - They sometimes have a childish way of going about things, but you definitely know where you stand with them. I get constantly told by a boy, what he thinks of me (both good and bad) to what i'm wearing, what make up i've got on, and if he has sexual thoughts about me (yes, that is true). To be honest... he's TOO HONEST sometimes.