Why do most Capricorn men (that I know) want a woman to be completly?

Dependent and devoted on them? The ones that I know do not want their woman to have friends or any other outside life. And they sabotage every chance that the woman may have for a life outside the home? Do they do this just so they can set the girl up to get hurt?


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I suppose some of it has to be with their old-fashioned, conservative, traditional sensibilities. Many of them want to be providers and protectors. For this reason, they're extremely compatible with Taurus women who are similarly traditional and also prone to being dependent and self-sacrificing in relationships.


I've seen that in a Capricorn man with a 7th house Neptune squaring his Cap planets. I think it is actually good for him when his mate challenges his view of reality. Of course it is not just a Sun sign issue.


Because they don't want women to have so much power over them.

Because they want the kind of women that fit their own standard.

Yes, if the girl wants to leave... they will see to that she gets nothing from them.


You are describing the immature Capricorn mindset. The evolved Capricorns admire independence, a strong work ethic, and strong sense of self. They want someone that is their equal, not a doormat.


Jerks come in all colors and zodiac signs. Take your pick!

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Honestly I think Capricorn women are more like this than men are. I once was with a Capricorn man that never ever treated me this way. But one of my best friend is a Capricorn and she is like this all the wonder her boy friend recently broke up with her because she acted like this...I guess both men and women Capricorn can be like this, it really depends on the person.



well not all of them are like that. i've never met a capricorn who expected his girlfriend to be like that. my boyfriend whos also a capricorn encourages me to be social and not too introverted. and no he doesnt want me to be dependent on him. its just their way of showing love. my guy does stuff for me and doesn't let me pay whenever we go on a date. he loves to spoil me. i don't think capricorns would ever want to ruin anyones life unless they hurt them real bad. they just seem to be cold and aloof to people they dont know. my guy was kinda distant when we met before but after he started trusting me he turned out to be the most affectionate and caring person i've ever met. he never gets angry no matter what i do. and hes always willing to help people around him. he knows how to give and take respect. and yeah hes even very romantic.


I've always found them to be liars full of deceit and cruel and selfish. Very emotionally immature. Money means more to them than you do and theyre the most petty spiteful cheats. I think theyre full of themselves and complete fakes. I've known quite a few and they all seem so reserved and trustworthy, but underneath theyre so untrustworthy and selfish. They play everybody and then stab them in the back, theyre really horrid.