Taurus woman or Libra woman? which one do you prefer and why? thanks :)?

Taurus woman or Libra woman? which one do you prefer and why? thanks :)?


I'd stay far away from Taurus Women. They are so stubborn that I have to wonder why they get up every morning. Nothing is of error in their eyes, nothing they do is wrong, it's always 'right'. They refuse to see their error in anything they do, they take constructive criticism as a personal attack too. Probably the most self-righteous sign in my honest opinion, they are money obsessed and driven (being driven is good) Taurus women don't stay too long in relationships because they are easily jealous and controlling, they always have to be the ones in lead, and things become an one-upmanship, a 'if you can do it, then i can do it much better!' attitude. Sore losers at best.

Libra woman are better/ I know many libra men and they are fantastic. We click right away.


Libra, more moderate!


Both make amazing friends.


Libra women - more class, more elegance, more generous, much less selfish and greedy. I love Taurus people but in those respects Libra outdoes them.


As a Libra I have never met a Libra girl I didn't like. Taurus girls I have to warm up to cuz usually they are so loud and busy entertaining everyone, sometimes its hard to connect with them. But once we do its love forever.


Taurus women hands down...Libra women suck with all their indecisiveness & tend to piss me off with all their hot and cold attitudes.

Taurus women are much more stable and less superficial. They make for better friends all around and do not fish for compliments.


Taurus, loving and caring, hands down. Taurus don't tend to stab you in the back unless you give them your b*ll**. Then they get more stubborn. But IMO Taurus is much better.