Cancer's do you stay mad at people forever?

Cancer's do you stay mad at people forever?


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nope, we forget and our moods change. but hurt us and we'll hide from you


Us cancer's try, but we can't :)


No way...I just put a curse on them and call it a day.........

just joking...I just live my life.


I stay mad at the person for a while, but then forget about the whole thing. But I will never be as nice to that person as I was before.


well if its just a minor fight or name calling i don't waste my time on them. but if someone did something really really bad to me, i just dont seem to forgive them. i think its my scorpio side


I get annoyed and like to avoid them. If they apologise (even if not verbally, but show with actions somehow), I'll forgive but never ever forget.


Ay it's my boy! I remember yo @ss. Soft @ss still sittin scared behind that kitty cat pic eh? lolol And still believing in the astro bull sh*t I see? SMH


I won't actually be mad about something for a long time, but I will never forget what you did to piss me off.

It takes A LOT to make me truly upset though.