Why are all Libras so fake?

I'm an Aries and I just want to know why Libras are so pretentious and fake. They feign refinement as they look down upon everyone else atop their little pedestals, but in reality they are lower, baser, and dirtier than every other sign -- combined! Why are they so fake?!


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I'm not the only Aries who notices this. And at all those chicks who replied "Aries are arrogant" or insinuated it, we're just too hot to handle, so eat that.

Another sign you'll meet who are total sons of bitches are Scorpios, dude don't ever go near those if you're an Aries, not all Scorpios are bad or whatever, but I'm talkin' like the gray lizards (they come types depending on good or bad) and they'll manipulate worse than any Libra, and some are pretty low and base and dirty. But it depends on the zodiac.

I've had some unpleasant experiences with Libras, the ones I knew were arrogant, sheltered fucks who talk crap and weren't that smart, I think they all sit on a pedestal to an extent and aren't too bright, but I knew a few who were smart, you get good eggs and bad eggs (alot of water signs hate Aries, and I'm sure libras) and bear in mind other chart aspects and if their moon or ascendant would have some sign that would make it worse.

I think the reason why they seem so low, dirty, fake and pretentious is because the sign is seen as "the scales" or the justice system in a sort, and the mediator. When I think of the sign Libra, I think of a politician or a judge (and we know how they are...)

Scorpios will come across as fake, manipulative or dangerous to you and any other Aries, because they like secrets and when they get mad at you or hurt they never drop it or forget it, and will sever ties with you a.s.a.p. and never think twice about you again, which seems dirty and heartless to me. They don't realize their own flaws either, and they try and win you over and be buddy-buddy but I fell into that ****, and apparently I don't go with them.

Libras piss me off 24/7 too. If there's two signs who are annoying, and fake, it's libra and scorpio. They say Libras are supposed to be the opposite of Aries, and therefore they compliment and go well, but I'm pretty sure opposite does not mean complimentary.

Personally, you'll find more favor in Sagittarius, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, other Aries especially, sometimes depending on the Virgo, maybe Capricorn depending on the Capricorn, and Pisces. Too me, that's personal experience and from other Aries people.

It bugs the **** out of me how Capricorn are so cold-blooded and unemotional about stuff, or compartmentalize...since most of the ones I know do it and all of my Capricorn friends (not my friends now for obvious reasons) where some cold blooded shits.

Virgos are like Libras to a lesser extent, depending on the virgo. I'm pretty sure people who read this will think I have an ego, yes there are good libras, caps, geminis, virgos and scorpios....alot of them don't sit well with me, since they come across as arrogant, fake, pretentious, fake being cool or awesome or sophisticated, and like living in a bubble, and can act really cold-blooded or heartless.

But yeah, look into synastry dude.


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Idk..but i agree! x10



Its because they feel the need to impress others to get them to like them so they act fake,

All the libras I know are that way. I hate it.


They want to make people happy, and so sometimes they pretend just to please, it's not a crime, it's just there way.... not all the time, not in every case, just in some.


Why are Aries such judgemental, arrogant, douche bags?

No. I'm only joking. Not every Libra is the same.

... freak


I definitely agree with you. Libra's are so fake. I was friends with an libra for THREE years. after me and my boyfriend of Four years went our separate ways so did me and she. Come to find out she was only my friend for my boyfriend went as far as dropping out of college to have a chance with him. Went home threw herself at him and I come home on break these two are TOGETHER but it didn't matter over the summer lets just say Karma is a b*tch. also my brother is a libra and all he do is lie. Idk it is something embed in Libra's they are just fake for no reason.


Tell me about it, as charming as I find them.. i think they're arrogant individuals who don't give a sh!t about anyone else besides themselves. They're so full of it. They're manipulative, *** kissers, fake, an treat everyone like dirt. They're such nasty people. Finally, someone who isnt so blinded by pple from this sign.( not all of them.. im still hoping i meet decent people from this sign). They're also very VERY defensive. Oh one more thing that pisses me off in libras, they hurt you and mess up and when you call them on it they run away like chickens. They're a headache.