What in someone chart make them attract haters REPOST?

After asking this once? what idiot reported this? Move on if you find this insulting. lol

Anyways. List aspects/Signs I want to know.

please, no retarded or psycho types answers.


A lack of self confidence leaves you open for bullies of all sorts. Capricorn attracts bullies, Virgo, Pisces, but always the shy ones.

Those who flaunt convention attract bullies, those who either through poverty or originality ignore conventional dress, hair styles. If you dye your spiked hair green, pierce your body and tattoo your face, for example, you are probably not going to be welcomed on the football team or the church choir. That would be people with Neptune in important houses, water signs for the most part.

Those who are very intelligent but have no social graces, who consider those not as bright or as skilled to be inferior and let it be known, attract bullies. Aquarius, Virgo, sometimes (but not often) Leo.

What I have learned over the years is that there are people who sniff out weakness like roaches on decay. If someone is too anxious to be liked, if someone is to shy to want to be noticed, if someone is insecure about everything, it shows and the roaches gather.




Looks to me like YOU are the hater.