How would a taurus woman act when she is really mad at u?

How would a taurus woman act when she is really mad at u?


taurus women have the worst temper of all zodiac signs, when they are mad they will become extremely stubborn. She will most likely be really quiet an just refuse to talk to you. My best mate is a taurus, and when she gets mad at me, she will just ignore me, stomp around and refuse to do anything for me. X


She would avoid you and not talk to you. Trust me, you WILL know!


I agree with both of these both my best friends and my mum are Taurian and they become extremely surly if you cross them!


LIke a raging bull. Go after material things. Damage the car, tires, tv, etc.


Haha JoJo's right. my sister is a taurus and when she's mad she gets really quiet with a huge frown on her face, stomps about everywhere and doesn't do ANYTHING. At least they don't throw tantrums like aries and libras...god... those two sisters of mine are HELL.


A Taurus girl is ignoring me now and I just let her. If you try to get to as to why she will just dig in and ignore me longer. Certainly a pill! Just let her/him ignore you and let it pass. It will pass, trust me. Just let it ride. Sucks, I know, but that' s all you can really do. You can' t force her NOT to ignore you, so whatever. Sorry this is happening to you because it SUCKS and I hate it, but.....again, not much you can do about it. Be well and free!