What motivates you to Answer?

I used to be really motivated on this section, but now, I feel I have better things to do.

State you Sun, Moon, Ascendant.


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Points and I want to show off what I know or what I think lol

Plus its just interesting to me ya know takes the stress off of school and work and such

And the people on here are pretty cool too



And I don't have a sun, moon or ascendant.


You were motivated enough to write this. I think you might just be burned out for now. ; )

You're healthier for it.


your beautiful avatar ;)


Getting the points, especially best answer.


Motivation :) lol





I like exchanging ideas and learning! Plus 10 points don't hurt ;)

Scorpio Leo Gemini


Helping as many people as i can at the same time that i get to learn from others not just in this section but other sections as well.

Cancer Sun

Aquarius Moon

Virgo Ascendant