What Piercing Would Each Zodiac Sign Have?

What piercing is each of the 12 signs most likely to have?

You can explain why, but you don't have to :P



I'm a Gemini, and I've had *cracks knuckles*:

Nose 7 times

Ears, total of, 16 times off and on

Lip 3 times

Septum (that part between your nostrils) Once, and NEVER again

Eyebrow 2 times

Nipples, one on each

Naval 1 time

Tongue 1 time

Conch (the THICKEST part of your ear) 1 time

Also, stretched ears off and on to a 4 gauge, being the biggest I went.

So, being a Gemini, I've had quite an array and assortment. I was also a body piercer for 3 years. Go figure. :)> But all I have now is my lobes. I grew up and got an office job. Everything else is gone, but I would love to get my nose again.

Aries: Stretched ears to a 2g with jewelry through eyelets.

Taurus: Maybe eyebrow. Nothing oral, because they couldn't eat during the healing time, LOL

Gemini: Read above. We can't decide, so why not try 'em all!?

Cancer: Something understated, like a second lobe or a small nostril

Leo: Nape of neck and something flashy, like cheeks, maybe.

Virgo: Snake bites, and they would need to be perfectly alligned!

Libra: Monroe or nostril

Scorpio: Um...the hoo-ha :)>

Sagittarius: Again, something all over the place, but I'm thinking naval and nipples.

Capricorn: Wouldn't do something crazy, maybe a stretched ear or nostril.

Aquarius: Lower back, corset, bridge, hips, something surface and unique.

Pisces: Rook, daeth, conch, something creative on the ears so they can make their own jewelry and piece it together for something crazy.


I am a virgo and I have my nose pierced and 4 piercing's on each ear.


Well i'm capricorn, and have a nose piercing. So do a lot of my fellow capricornians XD


I'm scorpio with snakebites and ear plug :)

Difficult but very interesting question


Aries - Industrial

Taurus - Septum

Gemini - Snakebites

Cancer - Navel

Leo - Cheek

Virgo - Eyebrow

Libra - Tongue

Scorpio - Corset

Sagittarius - Labret

Capricorn - Nostril

Aquarius - Bridge or Venom piercings

Pisces - Collarbone


i had such a good answer for this but i accidentally deleted it D;<

i'm sooo mad right now! but i don't feel like retyping it because i explained and everything lol.


Here's a boring and obvious answer... :P...:

Aries: eyebrow piercing (aries rules head, face and eyes)

Taurus: nape piercing (taurus rules throat and neck)

Gemini: hand web piercing (gemini rules hands)

Cancer: nipple piercing (cancer rules breasts, chest)

Leo: google upper back piercing. Or perhaps corsette. (leo rules upper back)

Virgo: belly piercing (it's close to the digestive system, intestines)

Libra: ... um... google butt piercing?!... but monroe piercing reminds me of Libra.

Scorpio: all kinds of penis/vagina piercings

Sagittarius: hip piercing

Capricorn: under skin piercings (capricorn rules bone)

Aquarius: google ankle piercing

Pisces: google toe piercing