JUst wondering how do you know if a cancer man Likes you really?

Im a Libra women and i was wondering how u would know if a cancerian male liked you or if they just were playing you... I need real advice not just SHORT ANSWERS ( Oh && Im a LIBRA FEMALE )


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god its hard to tell sometimes, i would say subtle compliments are the first thing you'd notice (might be the only visible clue you'll get, cause they are not blatantly flirtatious) everybody knows they are afraid of getting hurt like if he wanted to just come out and say for instance: "hey, i like you a lot would you go out with me" he would refrain due to fear that YOU might respond with a "hell no! i cant believe you'd even ask, why would you think id like you!?" in front of his friends or your friends devastate and humiliate him. . . i swear this is what goes through their heads, they cannot handle rejection. they'd much rather set you up to ask THEM out. i like a cancer too, for the longest time i really thought he did not feel the same because he kept pretty reserved (i did end up having to make the first move) but turns out he liked me all along too, and looking back i now see the compliments he payed me as a definite sign (he did it all the time). he may also try to spend time with you or make excuses to be around you. . . there are 2 other cancers that like me, one was messaging me a lot and complimenting me online, the 2nd one randomly texts me sometimes and tries to get together w/ me (again w/ the complimenting) the 2nd one seems a little nervous (that might be another sign for ya) he also bought me tickets to a concert (generosity and gifts, they sometimes will do that when they like you maybe after they trust you a bit more though) The guy that i really like (the first one i mentioned) also gave me things, they are very sweet and true givers at heart

i just wanted to thoroughly answer this question, because when i was unsure and asked this very question i did not get many answers and most of the ones i did get were vague and insincere

so lets review:

1) Complimenting

2) Tries to be near you

3) Calls, texts, or messages you (may try to come up w/ an excuse why he called to hide his feelings)

4) Gifts

5) Nervousness, Shyness or Caution (around you)

6) He may listen to your problems or engage in your feelings if he cares

but keep in mind these signs will most likely be subtle, he is NOT gonna climb to the top of a building and shout how he feels (even if he was desperately in love with you, they are too wary) cancer is NOT Aries or Sagittarius. Good luck ;)


Umm.... That dosent matter at all... He could be anything and still like you


uhhhh im a cancer girl cancer guys get me!

i was soooooooo in like with this one andhe liiked me i knew it

but then we just like stopped talking :( idk why!

ughhh..........they are so confusing..but if he texts you a lot i guess


I agree with whoever thats up there, she's absolutely right about us cancer dudes. One more thing too maybe there's ways to find out physically, if he looks u in the eyes longer than 10 sec and when he does, its the "emotional stare" type of eyes...then u will know he likes u....I do that alot to girls I liked...I don't look into her eyes every second but i will slowly look up and do the emo stare for 8-9 seconds...and then quickly look at other things...


I'm an Aqua girl jus met this Cancer man & he came right out & ask me 4 my # & cld he take me 2 dinner I was like ok u a playa he quickly replied no I'm not! I like wat I c & I'm letin u know...I thoroughly looked him over from feet 2 head & said give me your # I will call u I waited 4 days 2 call but when I did he was very happy 2 hear from me. We went ouit & he is very attentive, touchy, feely, great company! I so cautious about him cause I no he wants 2 get serious he has put it all out there that he wants me 2 b his girl, ofcourseh I want friendship 1st & dating then a relationship. He has made reserv 4 us 2 go 2 out of town & I like that alot:) I like him but I'm goin 2 mold him on how 2 date an Aqua girl~_~


Cancer man will also let you know that they are thinking about you, and how many times they think of you. They remember everything esp the things they love about you.


I to was wondering if this cancer guy i am seeing really liked me,im an aquarian girl and i to left it a few days before i called him he was buzzing to hear from me he contacts me daily hes kind thoughtfull,complimenting he tells me how often he thinks of me and love making is amazing hes very sensual he looks deep into my eyes and likes to stroke kiss and holds me tight i see him continually watching me and smiling, i can rabbit on about the most craziest things that pop into my head and he listens intently smiling, at first i thought wow back off a bit but im going to go with the flow and enjoy this man you never know i may eventually tempt him to glance at the world and its wonders through an aqurians eyes.........


You' ll know he likes you if he asks to introduce you to his mother.