Which astrology sign is the Best? Worst? most Fun? most Boring? most Weirdest?

just for fun ;)


There's no "bests" or "worsts" in the zodiac when comparing signs because the zodiac does not compare the signs to each other in that way. They will compare and contrast their traits but never do they say that one is better than the other at anything, it just states their traits. People of completely different personality types can accomplish the same thing and people within the same sign are not all good at the same things. If you notice when they describe signs it will say "Gemini is social" not "Gemini is the best speaker." Also, everyone admires different traits in people. One person might think a certain Leo's dramatic nature is entertaining and lovable while another person might find it obnoxious and conceited. Fun to some people means wild parties while to others it means painting and even to others it could mean sports or even watching TV. There are boring and fun people in every sign, smart and stupid people, pretty and ugly, weird and normal, nice and mean and everything in between in every sign. And there's no "in general" either. Astrology doesn't compare the signs to each other, just gives every sign and aspect its own traits, strengths and weaknesses, and basic potential, it takes a person to use the personality the were born with and through their environment mold their character and interests. Anyone who disagrees with me is speaking with a biased opinion as opposed to what astrology actually says. It's yahoo! Answers, not yahoo! Opinions. I'm sorry I'm usually not this blunt, but since I know a lot about astrology it bothers me when people try to pass of their opinions about it without anything backing it other than personal experience. There's people I like and dislike in every sign, there is no best or worst.


best - idk

worst- aries

fun- aquarius

boring- pisces

weirdest - cancer


most fun.... leo

weirdest..... gemini

best........... cappricorn

worst....... libra

boring....... cancer...

all for fun.....


Best? Oh, Scorpios. They are known as the strongest.

Worst... Hm. Pisces. I know too many of them and they are nothing but work.

Aries are probably the most fun and Virgos the most boring to the extent of being completely party poopers.

Weirdest... Good question. Probably Capricorns. How could anyone be so serious?


Best- I really can't pick for this one, there are too many signs that I could consider the "best" but some of my favorite are Libra's, Aries and (some)Scorpios.

Worst- Hm... Maybe a Cancer or *certain* Scorpios and Leos.

Fun- Aquarius or Gemini

Boring- Virgo

Weirdest- Gemini... lol


@ sound utterly hot, right, got that out of the way.

I agree with Blah, but just for fun, here goes:

Most fun in my opinion: Aqua Girls/Leo/Gemini/Aries Males/Pisces/Leo Virgo cusp/Sag Females.

Most weirdest in my humble opinion: Sag/Pisces/Aqua/Cancer at times/Aries at times.

By the way "Weird" to me means "non conformist, non sheep, originator, I ADORE such folk.....and am often told, accused that I am " weird/odd/eccentric/peculiar, I smile and say thank you, it is after all a compliment in this crazy sheep non thinking of selves majority....phew.....I needed that!

Most boring: okay, in all honesty I have in general always found Cappy folk ( the men at least) quite dour, attractive/sensualistic, but dour all the same, unable to "get" my "yah.....laugh heartily Sag sense of humour".

I can not choose one sign as the best, or worst, life is a bit more complex than this, though I do often find some fellow Sags, mightily overbearing, some Leos up their own backsides, some Cancer folk, like warped emotional vampires. some Taurus ( males) literally psychopathic regarding the dating game, flipping handsome to boot, but "nuttery" on some level, some Libras not wanting to acknowledge clear facts, very cool folk, but likes balance, which can mean, not acknowledging the darker side, which in all honesty is all linked into total life balance/energy, some Aries, utterly hot, and also hot headed.......

once again, all my own opinions


im aquarius ok so us aquarius are weird in a good why tho, fun loving we love to be with friends no matter what we are smart ass witty an can hang with just about anyone but doooont back us into a corner we will be ready to knock ur block off haha my best friend is a pisces female shes very sweet an carring but at the sametime wishy washy an can be a pain in my ass an hurt my feelings just by her actions but i wont show her im upset cuz i dont like showing emo. but yea scorpios have them eyes thay see right threw u an know u like ur the backof there hand i think there the sexiest um caps, uuuh why sooo seirous but i had a besty in high school who was there for me thick threw thin but once she had a bf she wouldnt talk to me she be up his ass ugh i say there just to seirous one min. next just tryin to be ur friend i cant stay mad at anyone to long uhh taurus men boooooring to worried about there pay check an there money god get over it have fun spend a lil cash an have some fun like wipe ur ass with a dollar bill shit hahaha i also had a best friend taurus girl she was like my best friend forever then got all up her own ass an didnt remember me anymore bitch hahaha my moms a sag. we get along an laugh an talk for hours hahaha she can be like my best friend or that annoing person tryin to tell me shit that doesnt make sence haha my dad is a aries fuuuuckin talks waaay to much swear he doesnt like drama but is always in drama an talkin shit like ugh shut up an never ever lets me get a word in an talk over me my sisters a cancer soooo clingy an tryin to tell me how to be an i hate it its a love hate thing between us im 22 female she a 27 cancer female but god hahah i mean water signs are always up my ass hahaha ugh giminis are ok i guess they bore me im a aquarius but like some are fun an some are like ugh please say something besides ok an ya libra are sooo cocky its a turn off for me but i kinda like it all in all my sonis a leo uhhhhh sooo loud an never sits down on the go an yells if he doesnt get his way kinda like modonna haha jk haha no but really hahaha