Are Capricorns the most boring sign?

Are Capricorns the most boring sign?


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As for relationship goes, Capricorn/sun men are too stiff and boring for my taste. they're also materialistic. HOWEVER, I have a couple of Capricorns in my life and they are the absolute best friends one could ever ask for. They are just a lil dull sometimes and they can get real cynical. Cancers need Capricorns. I have noticed they often get married.


no i think pisces is




Not today.


NO Conversely. i can go well with them easily and they never make me bored


All the signs are boring. Take interest in REAL things. Like cows, cows are not boring, and real.


In the public eye. They aren't boring to the people who truly know them.


Only to people of nominal intelligence. They are unable to understand our jokes and think that we are meerly being serious. The finer points of humor are lost on some people.