What does your venus sign mean exactly?

My venus is in pisces, but I'm not sure what the venus sign represents in general


Are you a male? if so, it can show what types of relationships you like, how you show love\flirt. It can also indicate what types of women that attracts you.You might be attracted to emotional, caring, selfless, mysterious\elusive women. But your venus make aspects to both your neptune and uranus so you might be interested in strange aloof women to.

I checked your chart, and you have alot of water signs in you.

Your moon in scorpio needs intense emotional bonding, have you ever had some problems with your mother? i heard people with this moon sign had problems with their mothers. I can bet you are really perceptive\intuitive about others. You might be very emotional to, but you hide it. Scorpio moon`s hate showing weakness.They are very secretive about themselves. People might think you are reeeeally hard to understand because you are mysterious. Weather you know that or not. Both pisces and scorpio are really mysterious. Do you often feel something , and what you did feel usually is right? do you have a bullshit detector? scorpio moon`s are really good at spoting people who are fake. Scorpio moons also has a real hard time trusting people. You might tend to "test" people just to see if they are trust worthy etc. You might be a very jealous person to. You have very intense emotions. You know peoples weaknesses and strenghts. You are good at seeing behind facades of people but it is hard for people to do the same at you, because you are really secretive about yourself.

Are you that same person who asked about if anyone could check your chart? because if you aren`t i might be talking about someone else here ;p


It represent how social you are, how you are when you interact with others.


Venus is how you love, with friends and significant others. Briefly put.

You can be a dreamy person that has an ideal in your mind of the soul mate of your dreams. It's easy for you to fall in love, or with an idea of who someone is, but you also are easily wounded. You're sensitive, and can adapt to the moods of others, often losing yourself in the process. It's important to learn the art of self-protection, so you're not tossed about in a sea of emotion. It's also hard for you to set personal boundaries, at times, and you'll likely long to merge with your beloved. That's why it can take awhile for you to get over hurts and disappointments when things go wrong.

In Love and Romance:

For you, love can be a mystical experience with the right person. You're impressionable, so it's important to learn to weed out those that would take advantage of your sensitive and yielding nature. You tend to fall in love at first sight, and you might not see the red flags passing in front of your face. Even if someone treats you badly, you're liable to hold onto the connection, choosing to see through rose-colored glasses.

Friendship Style:

Your kind heart can lead you to go out of your way for friends, but also for any person or animal in need. This makes you a thoughtful listener, with an extraordinary capacity to empathize. But often this blurs the lines, and you get overinvolved with the emotional burdens of others. When younger, you might get bossed around a lot, but find the strength later to direct your course more. More than most signs, you'll need to steer clear of those that drain you, and gravitate to those that uplift you.

Creative Expression:

You've got a vivid, poetic imagination that seems almost divinely inspired. Your work may have otherworldly themes, and involve dreams, past lives, the invisible bonds we share, and our link to the spirit world. You can inhabit the emotions of others, making you a natural for acting and other fields of performance.

The Big Attraction:

There's something mystical about you that appeals to the dreamer in all of us. You're able to read things on a symbolic level, which lends some magic to your relationships. Your genuine kindness makes people trust you, and meet you with an open heart. You can have a fluid, graceful demeanor, and your imagination makes you an engaging conversationalist.

Winning Your Heart:

You may wait for others to make the first move, so an ideal lover will be an initiator type. It's best for you to avoid those that are detached and speak of keeping things casual. You won't want to linger around harsh, abrasive people, or those wrapped up in the mundane. You're drawn to the artists and dreamers of the world.


In a guy it's supposed to reveal what kind of women he's attracted to.

If a man's Venus is in Pisces, he is often impressed with a feminine aura of softness, sweetness, and neediness to a certain degree. She need not be robust or aggressive. Lacking in confidence is just fine, and so is a touch of helplessness.

I have a Venus in Pisces too :)