What's your opinion of a Scorpio teenage girl?

In your honest opinion.


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A Scorpio teenager takes things very seriously at this time of life. They are blessed (or cursed) with strong emotion and the teenage years are not easy years. Scorpios have to get to the bottom of every situation and has to always know "why" something happened and then the analyzing begins. Scorpios are very observant and will be able to "cue in" when something isn't right. Scorpio teenage girls are very loyal to their boyfriends (or girlfriends) but if you've been dishonest with them, they will know it. Scorpio has a "gut" feeling when something is amiss. They observe everything with a depth that others are not capable of doing. Therefore, if a Scorpio teen tells a friend that there is something wrong with a person, they are often right on track.

Scorpios tend to worry about deep issues that other teens don't even think about. Their future is always a concern with them and they really should get higher education or a specialization of some kind because Scorpio is not happy being low on the totem pole at work. They can work their way up the ladder of success though. But they are driven to succeed as this gives them the power they so need in their life. They ned power as much as the air we breathe.

Scorpios are usually choosy about their friends and their significant others. They are loyal and trustworthy and will not reveal personal information until they know that they can trust you. I would suggest that sometimes Scorpio teens need to just kick back and relax. They have powerful emotions and need to release them on a regular basis instead of holding things inside. This is not good to do because at some point those emotions are going to erupt and usually it is at an inappropriate time and also directed at an inappropriate person. Learn to resolve emotional issues instead of trying to act like you don't have any emotions. You do. More than most. Don't let your emotions simmer. Release them at the appropriate person that you are upset with and then discuss the issue. Get it out in the open. I know this doesn't come easy to you, but it is not healthy to carry around alot of issues inside. They need release. Maybe take a run when you are upset. Since you can easily see others weaknesses, it is best to not hurt others feelings when you are upset. Try your best to stay on topic and don't bring up what the other person lacks or has too much of. You know what I am talking about. Nobody likes to be reminded about their weaknesses, particularly when you are able to know those weaknesses that they think are hidden. You can't hide anything from a Scorpio.

And also try not to control your boyfriend or manipulate him in any way. You have a separate life and he has a separate life and then you join together to share your lives. You don't have to know where he is 24-7 and if you do, then he is not the right guy for you.

Good luck to you and bless you.


I'd say they are really pretty and fierce... almost exotic like. Very dominant as well.


I'm a Scorpio and a teenage girl (:

I actually find my horoscopes accurate sometimes which is scary o.o


we are the most intelligent and powerful women on the planet. Sometimes, I watch myself in the mirror and i kiss the reflection of myself on the glass and the glass breaks into million pieces. That is how incredible I am.


fierce, very foul-mouth, extremely aggressive, very controlling, has high demands, and plays a good mind game ....and all of that turns me on LOL. my scorpio female friend is like that, I didn't know she was a scorpio but found out about it after 2 yrs lol.


Pretty much what Amethyst answered. I'm a Scorpio girl, too, and I can vouch for pretty much everything she said.

It's hard for me to keep friends; only one has seemed like a real friend, and he's really the only constant thing in my life. Everything else is always changing and it's kinda scary sometimes.


I am also a teenage scorpio girl and everything that this post says is completely accurate! its actually creepy that they know this much about me! Or us... /.\ lol especially the part wen they said you cant hide anything from a scorpio... -_- i can totally see right thru a person.


From my experience, the female teen Scorpio is a huge bitch. She hasn' t matured yet and will use you and manipulate you, only to try and push all the blame onto you when you become upset. Very egotistical and doesn' t acknowledge her actions and the effects they may have on others.