Why do Aries men play so hard to get?

I hate when you have great chemistry and conversation with someone, and they know and acknowledge it BUT they don't get in contact for a few days. This Aries man I'm talking to is doing it. He wants to see me and hang out, he was soooo sweet...but here I am...waiting on him to text me or call. Does he expect me to contact him?


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Hott Pink..whats really going on? U ask these same dam questions about Aries everynight...Either you tell this person you love them and wanna be with him or just let him be and find someone else because obviously this Aries man isnt that much into you..and dont get mad at me im just keeping it real!


Unfortunately Aries doesn't really like an "easy catch." So I suggest that you stop waiting on the phone to ring and get out there and have a good time. Get together with friends and go out clubbing, to a movie, to dinner. Just stop waiting for him to call.

Aries always wants the "chase" as that is the exciting part of a relationship. That initial chase until the female gets "caught." By being so available this takes the excitement out of the relationship before it really has even had a chance to start! So you have got to "file" him as "if he calls great, if he doesn't that's great too." And never stop your life for a guy. This 21st century has changed all the rules of courtship as I am a 20th century female.

However the one thing that hasn't changed is that 9 times out of 10, (just guessing) men still want to have "The Chase." When a man is interested in a woman, and particularly a fiery, feisty, powerful male, if that "chase" isn't happening, probably the relationship won't happen too.

I know it is the 21st century but guys just want to do The Chase. And the harder you are to "catch" the more they enjoy the chase. So I would go someplace where you might run into him and take a friend or even go by yourself "as you are waiting for someone as he doesn't have to know anything and you could always get a "call" from "your friend" and then have to leave to meet them elsewhere".......are you catching my drift?

So he isn't hoping that you'll call him. He's actually hoping that you aren't going to be too clingy or needy or even desiring too much of his time. He's hoping to find out if there is going to be any action regarding the chase. Because with no chase, particularly the fire signs of Aries Leo Sagittarius, there probably isn't going to be a relationship. Now Sag is often on the move as Sag rules travel.And Leo is always looking for a mate that looks good on their arm as personal appearance is key with Leo.

But your Aries Man lives for the chase. And you aren't giving that to him. So you are going to have to learn to master the chase from the female perspective. Call him? Never. Be too busy to talk when he calls? Exactly. Say you'd love to see him again and then the first couple of days he offers, gosh darn it you already have plans. Don't change these "plans." Then get the "date" settled. Then do not call him. Wait for him to call to confirm the date. Don't you call to confirm the date. No your days of calling him are over. He has to learn that he must "earn" your time as it is not given freely or easily. This is quite different isn't it? Most men aren't that consumed with the chase but Aries makes up for each and every one of them. CONQUEST ! You are going to "allow" him to "win your affections" and don't you make it easy for him. Aries loves the chase so much. Scorpio loves the chase too. But Aries is more "primal" than "manipulative." Aries versus Scorpio. Both lovers of the chase. Very needed for Fthese two. So you've got to give them what they need! A Good Old-Fashioned 20th Century Chase.

Oh how this brings back so many memories. I was too "easy" but there were girls out there that for the life of me I couldn't figure out how "this one" snagged "that one." Possibly connected to that Need for The Chase? Quite possibly so. And it wouldn't hurt to always be "looking fine" when you do run into him. Let him see what he ISN'T getting....which of course will just make him want you even more.

Oh how I wish someone would have told me this in my younger days. As Aqurius, I was OPEN 24-7 and much to much available. And there were a couple of guys, like your Aries Man that just didn't want to be with me. Even just for sex! LOL Now that is pretty bad. lol

Good luck and bless you and learn and master this "Making a Chase Exciting For Our Visual Aries Male." Again, I wish you well. Oh, all men are visual. They see it. They want it. Let them "earn" your presence.


all aries people are like that..theyre annoying


Aries are hideous people! Although I do like the sign. :)


I dont play hard to get, if I like you, I will tell you. But if I don't I may flirt with you sometimes so you don't feel left out and all insecure b/c im flirting with the other cute girls


Yep but dont do it! Keep yourself busy and go out they like to chase keep him on his toes do what he does to you let him call you if he doesnt well its his lost but you say you got chemistry with him so just let him call k and do you gurl


Although Aries males are so damn sexy ( as all other fire signs) ...

I know some of you may find this unbelievable but I liked at SHY and INSECURE ARIES

so though it may seem like they are playing hard to get they may actually just be extremely indecisive and insecure


Just what others have said. First of all do NOT chase a man, especially an Aires man. If a man wants you he will let you know. Unless he is shy, which Aires is surely not!