Why do people hate virgos?

Im virgo and i get a lot of hate because im blunt and i say what needs to be said. I can't lie, i can be a bit conceited and rude but i'm not that bad....


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People don't have virgos! They don't judge according to signs like that haha

You sound like my grandma :) but really she was a Virgo

I feel ya. You're misunderstood, that's all.

People like to judge by covers and usually miss out on some really cool people by not actually getting to know them.


i like virgos and virgo ascendent, plz change ur thinking ,i m with u


cuz theyre undercover hoes n people prefer hoes that are open


Don't worry they are all just jealous of the true virgo master race!


I dont know if I am a Leo or a Virgo. I was born on August 23. I am guessing I am a Leo because most people like me.


People hate on all signs, I hear trash because I'm a Leo and Aries hear trash because they are Aries. I personally like Virgos, I don't know why, but they're magnetic to me. I wonder what it could be?

You guys are awesome.....


Okay first of all, there are some people who do hate others and there are some people who like or adore others. And to be honest, I don't think they hate you just because you are a Virgo. They just probably don't like your behavior or attitude. They way you are. My mother is a Virgo. And I don't know why, but she always honest. She has never lied before. That is what I get from others. I guess, it must be a Virgo thing. Anyways, I also know that Virgos can be very demanding. Their planet is Mercury. And that involves communication. Which means, they love to talk no matter what. They are also can be very critical just like the other air signs which are Gemini and Aquarius. Gemini and Virgo share the same planet Mercury. Aquarius planet is Uranus because of their observing behavior. Virgos are actually sensitive and sympathetic and they also can be irrational and bossy sometimes. Virgos are also an intelligent sign and they love to analyze others which make others sometimes feel uncomfortable.


Because "MOST" Virgos Are Very Insensitive Towards Others Emotions BUT They Want "THEIR OWN" Emotions To Be Recongized And Treated With Care...Hypocrite Anyone?! YOU Are Proving Me Correct With Your Own Question! You Asked Why People Hate Virgos But You Went On To Saying That You ARE "Conceited & Rude" But Not That Bad, WHAT?! Like People Are Just Suppose To "OVER LOOK" YOUR Bad Qualities And See You As A Good Hearted Person! NO! It Doesnt Work that Way In Life, You Treat People The Way You Desire To Be Treated! If You Dont Like People To Be "BLUNT" Or "CONCEITED" Towards You Then Dont Think Its Ok For Youself To be Like That Because Its WRONG And DOUBLE-STANDARD! Virgos NEED To "GET A GRIP" And Notice Other People As Human 'WITH FEELING' Just Like They!