Why does this Sagittarius guy ignore my texts?

This guy is so confusing! He acted so interested in me a few days ago. He called me cute and we were really hitting it off. He even held my hand for a little while and he let me sit on his lap. He kept complimenting me on my eyes too, saying that they were the brightest blue eyes he's ever seen. He also mentioned that he doesn't think any girls would like him because hes a "loser".

I've made my intentions pretty clear, as well (I'm a Libra, by the way). I've been calling him cute and stuff, but I'm usually always the first to text him. For the last few days, he's been ignoring my text messages. I feel like I'm constantly bothering him and that he's uninterested. I don't know what's up with this Sag guy. Does anyone might know why he would be doing this?


Sagittarius guys like the chase. let him chase you.

Also, a lot of sagittarius guys i know are kind of afraid of commitment, so if you're leaning towards that, be patient and don't be too pushy, that will only drive him away :P

Oh, and they like adventure and new things!


i dont think what month he was born in matters...




He's busy, Sag are normally outgoing and have vast interest


sag guys are the hardest to reach. You want their attention? Never make the first move. Once you're in a relationship, then you make the first move but not too much. Sags hate being smothered BUT sag males (when in relationships) are very clingy.


sag males like to tease or flirt sometimes. Which can be confusing since they can either be interested in you or just like to have fun. Best thing you can do honey, is to be random, be funny and interesting to him. I am a Sag woman, hope this will be enough to help darling. If it doesn't sorry, this is all that I got.