I'm an Aquarius but have all the characteristics of a Scorpio?

Any help?

I am nothing like the Aquarius sign.

I am determined and forceful, emotional and intuitive, powerful and passionate.

I am very mysterious and I keep to my self but I can be the center of attention just with a snap.

I am very attracted to scorpio guys and they are attracted to me.

I can also be attracted to taurus but it never goes well.

I hate Geminis, Aquarius's, and Leo's.

Here's my information,

Sun Aquarius

Rising Scorpio

Moon Gemini

Mercury Capricorn

Venus Pisces

Mars Aquarius

Jupiter Capricorn

Saturn Pisces

Uranus Aquarius

Neptune Capricorn

Pluto Sagittarius

N.Node Libra



aquas are mysterious and they keep to themselves just like scorpion and like their opposing sign, leo, they like to be the center of attention.

scorpio guys are attracted to you and vice-versa cuz of your rising in scorpio and your venus in pisces. your rising sign is the mask you put on to the world and your venus is how you act when in love and pisces are very intuitive. both are favorable to scorpio. so its no wonder

aquas are very much like scorpios minus some of the emotions but your rising sign and venus makes up for that.

and i dont get how people who dislike astrology are even in this section it makes no sense. you guys are hypocrites!


Well, you DO have a Scorpio rising. That says a lot. A Venus in Pisces can give you an intuitive and emotional nature as well. Mercury in Cap can also add to your determined nature.

Anywho, you didn't post any aspects or where your planets were placed ( houses ). If you have many planets in the 8th house you can come off as a Scorpio. Also, what are your Pluto aspects? Doesn't look like you have Pluto conjunct asc, but you could have Pluto in the first house. You should check.


this can happen alot

you are a Aquarius for sure

go read more in depth about Aquarius

then sit down and think about all the technicalities of your actions

as in why you truly do something your goals and beliefs

everything will have an Aquarius ending all the way down to

which candy bar you prefer, not a scorpio or whatever else

there is also a chance you can be influenced by other signs you hang around

like a family member

i am a leo with some virgo traits, my best frend, is a virgo

14 yrs of influence, he also got some traits or habits from me

however im still a leo my final answer on things will be from a leo point of veiw


It's okay but maybe because that stuff isn't so reliable.

Many people don't fit into the horoscope descriptions.


Astrology is a figment of your imagination. I'd suggest a psychiatrist if you really feel troubled.