Are there any other jokes that are like spell icup?

I'm just wondering.


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Spell up backwards

Spell burp without the b

Say the first 3 letters of 'impossible'

(this is a lame one but)

What's your name?

*whatever your name is*

What's the color of the sky?


What's the opposite of down?


*whatever your name is* blew up!

Hey, look under there!

Under where?

Haha I made you say underwear!

(this may not work in some cases)


Look down in your shirt and spell attic

A - T- T - I C


i dont know if it falls in the same category but you can ask them...

hey do you know a mike hawk....he called the other day? (mike hawk sounds like my ****)

hey is Jenna in your class? (Jenna Who?) Jenna Tolls.....


SPELL Ihop and SAY Niss.

SPELL Ihop and SAY ooo- See.


you say "spell pig backwards and then say a bunch of random colours".

That'll make the person say "G-I-P red, orange, green, purple, etc".

Which sounds like "Gee, I pee *colours*" XD

Kinda dumb, but funny when it works! Especially in public or when someone just walked into the room.


Ask someone what's your name and then point to your noise and say what's this the (person must say noise) then show both you hands like this (|) and say what's in my hands (they should say nothing) the


What's your name *name* what's this *point to your nose* what's in my hands * put your hands together * they should say nothing * I made you say *name* knows nothing.


Spell ICAP : I see a pee