More jokes like this one?

Like you tell people to spell IHOP

(I ate your pee)

I need some more jokes like that! Please!


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say cornimopoo (corn in my poo)

what starts with P and ends with ORN ... POPCORN!

what starts with F and ends with UCK... FIRETRUCK!

say sofa king cool (so f***ing cool)

say I, 1, 2, 1/2, 6. (I want to have sex.)

LMAO, enjoy (:


Ice Bank Mice Elf

I 1 2 4 Q

I am sofa king we todd did

Point to your head and say Mark Twain's initials. (Sad I know)

Alpha Kenny Body



I 1 2 4 Q


Get it?


I remember this one from grade's really juvenile though

Tell someone to look down their shirt and spell attic. A. t. t. i. c.


OK you want jokes that make no sense?

What is the difference between a carrot?

You wanted to say spell cup and start with the letter i


Dear lovingpu:

My brother-in-law works for the Union Pacific Railroad.

The railroad places its company initials on all of its railroad cars for identification purposes.

Consequently, a commonly heard question in the railroad yard is, "Say, didn't I see U.P. on a boxcar?"

Flash Kellam


Knock Knock.

Who's there?

I eat mop.

I eat mop who? (I eat ma poo)


Have someone say Alpha Kenny Body fast