Whenever you see the number '69' do you laugh?

whenever someone i know see's 69 they DIE of laughter.

i know what it means but its not THAT funny.

anywho, this is a pointless question but oh well.


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If you put dude on the end I think its funny

69, Dude!


why ?




wait what does it mean?!?!


No, I'm more mature then to laugh at that


No, I'm not an idiot. Only people not getting any think of sex all the time.


No, even knowing what it means i think of it as a number first. And if i think of it as the other thing (which isnt often) i think ew gross, i dont ever laugh....


I used to see it just as a regular number.

But then my friends tainted my poor innocent mind and now I see it as THAT.

I still see it as a regular number most of the time...until my friend messes with me... >___<