What do you think came first?

The chicken or the egg.




Let's say a dino and a bird decide to reproduce.

Oh, the female has gotten pregnant and laid an egg.

This egg has the characteristics and features of, not a dino and not a bird.. but a MIX of both.

Then, this little mutation reproduces with another being,

Law of survival is that nature will "keep" all the characteristics that would help his animal survive.

So this mutatan's child will have the mutant's characteristics even if the other "parent" is a normal dino/chicken.

So on and so forth until an egg came, and when it hatched it was , what we now call, a chicken. The chickens characteristics did no longer change and thus.

THIS IS A VERY SIMPLE EXAMPLE. Obviously chickens did not come from a Dino and a random Bird, and obviously these characteristics took countless years to form.


i think the chicken came first XD


the chegg xD


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There were animals making eggs way before the chicken evolved.


If the chicken is my wife and I am the egg, then obviously the egg came first.


The EGG , from centuries of cross breeding- the egg, with the breed of what we now know as the chicken inside.


the chicken because the embryo was underwater in an air bubble because its so small and the chicken sunk when it got too heavy and swam out. it makes since and could happen but it's not likely

the egg came first because some yolk solidified around the embryo on the ground and it grew until the yolk shell was too small and the chicken comes out.