Good 1970's, 80's, and 90's teen movies?

I've already seen dazed and confused, fast times at ridgemont high, pretty in pink, the breakfast club, never been kissed, clueless, and 16 candles...

I really like all the teen stoner movies...

Dazed and confused is an absolute favorite...


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the goonies, the heathers and jawbreaker basically 2 of the same movie just different time periods, feris bulers day off, the lost boys, kindergarten cop, feds


american pie


Okay don't listen to the guy above me - Blow sucked and it's not even a teen movie plus it came out in 2001.

Anyway, here's my two cents:

Detroit Rock City

The Lost Boys


Empire Records




Say Anything,

Princess Bride

Better Off Dead


I like your list, and remember that I liked My Bodyguard with Chris Makepeace and one of the Dillon boys.


Mall rats is always a good one


half baked, the big lebowski, american graffiti

one of my personal favorite movies right now, the warriors (1979) has a big cult following but there isnt any "stoner" aspects. you could also try cheech&chong