Mystic River Film............?

how come Jimmy Markum (sean penn) gets away with killing Dave? was it some sort of mutual agreement between sean (kevin bacon) when he does the gun thing with his hand he knows of course that he did kill dave but wont investigate it cos they both have ther lives in order?


No, I think the hand symbol meant that Sean was implying that he was going to go after him and Jimmy knows that he will but either does not care or knows that there is nothing he can do about it because he was wrong.

Great film btw, the ending really angered me but it made it a good film.


Sean (Kevin Bacon) would have to prove in a court of law that Jimmy (Sean Penn) killed Dave (Tim Robbins.) Sean and Jimmy have known each other since they were kids so Sean knows what Jimmy means when he does the gun finger but that one gesture between old friends would never stand up in court and they both know that.