How Can I Get This Movie Back?

I bought Monster's Inc. on iTunes last year. Then my computer broke down this year, and I had to transfer all of my songs, movies, and videos onto my new computer, which I did. Everything was moved correctly, except for Monster's Inc.

I can't find it and when I tried to buy it again (even though I don't have enough money, I just wanted to see what would happen), a notification said, "You have already bought this movie, and if you buy it again, you will have duplicates..."

I can't find the movie... can I get it back? The iTunes store 'knows' I bought the movie, since that box popped up saying that I already bought the movie.

Is there any way I can get it back (besides buying it)?


You could try calling their customer service line or e-mailing them, as I am sure they would give you the okay to download it again for free if you tell them what has happened.


if u have net connection on urs pc download the movie by torrent or by links then move it to itones


Don't get your hopes up: the iTunes site says you can only download it once.


1-800-MY-APPLE Just call them and explain.. They should fix it :)