What are the best romances?

i need a list of the best romances no obvious ones. id like some ones that some people dont know exsist. maybe like some indie films or low budget ones but no bad acting please


Bright Star.. One of the greatest love stories I have ever seen.


Tristan and Isolde


pride & prejudice (the one with keira knightly), serendipity, mansfield park, underworld series, a lot like love, a walk in the clouds, love actually, nick & norahs infinite playlist, a walk to remember, and ever after. those are the only ones i can think of for now.


-Adrianne and Paul in Nights in Rodanthe

-Tony and Maria in West Side Story

-Kiara and Kovu in The Lion King 2

-The two (forgot their names) in The Notebook

-The two in A Walk to Remember

-Janine and Vinnie from Doogie Howser

-Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World

-Roger and Mimi from Rent

-Angel and Collins from Rent


Harold and Maude

It's from 1971 but it's so good.