Has anyone seen the new harry potter and the deathly hallows trailer?

i just saw the trailer on youtube and for those who already seen it, is this the official trailer for part 1?

cuz i saw some clips that were for part two?

anyways what are your thoughts on the trailer?

i thought it was EPIC! i cannot wait until it comes out!!

and for those who havent seen it heres the link:…


Hell Yeah it is the new trailer! Its just awesome! I cant wait to see this movie and this is not the official trailer for part 1 or 2 its just an overview kind of trailer for both parts.. part-1 trailer is different for which i dont have the links right now.. but i have seen the part-1's trailer in AMC when i went for a different movie.


it looks great but so did the order of the phoenix and half blood prince trailers and david yates screwed those two films up.


hey ! this trailer is from part 1 and from part 2 ......... and i think that it was epic like in the end when voldy is dueling harry WOW that was amazing and when he kills harry ( well the horcruxe ) it was really cool


They just showed it on AOTS and it is for both parts, the release date on the first half is November and the second in July of 2011.




It clearly states it is in two parts. Its a trailer for both parts.