What do you think of my movie idea?

What do you think of bizarre scene idea?

A group of Mafia kids invite the serial killer to have dinner in a nearby Bensonhurst restaurant. So they try to set him up, having knifes, guns, all of that in place. But the serial killer sneaks and hears the plans ahead of time. So they get him ready. His best friend proposes to have a gun snuck in the bathroom. So the gun is snuck. The serial killer bypasses security, since he has no guns on him when he enters. So Tommy and Jessica invite him. They order the killer his favorite, and he's a heavy eater, 2 pizza slices, and some fries.

So they try to flatter him, and the killer goes to the bathroom, gets the gun, sneaks out.

He then goes to the backyard. One of the Mafia kids trying to set him up says something, but the killer silences him, through murder.

Then another tries to ambush him, one called the "Linkin Park fan" but he also silences her.

Then back at the restaurant, they're talking, then they start what they planned, not knowing the serial killer heard them. The killer says, "Um, before you do do that, there is one thing I would love to do." They say, "What."

Gunshots go off on all of them.


i love it...


not as lame as ur other idea. but still kinda random and cheesy.


sounds appealing if you're mentally ill.


the end is epic, but other than that, there is just too much going on and i have no clue what the plot is.

it's confusing. :(

but it has potential :]

andddddd i dont think this could make a whole movie, maybe only a scene in one. good luck making this better, maybe you could be the world's newest filmmaker. haha