What's this movie's title?

A few years ago I saw a movie. It was about a single father, I think he was a science teacher raising his daughter a few years after his wife's death. While visiting her grave on the anniversary of her death a metal briefcase appears with his initials on it. Inside is an old police file detailing events yet to occur. Events detailing his murder. At first he thinks it's a mind game threat by a former student he had expelled until the things in the file come to pass, and tests on the metal show that nothing like it exists yet. In the end it is revealed that his daughter (who has the same initials as her father) sent it back in time to save him.


5ive Days to Midnight (2004 TV miniseries)

starring Timothy Hutton, Randy Quaid, Kari Matchett, Angus Macfadyen, Nicole de Boer

IMDb synopsis:

While visiting the graveyard of his beloved wife with his daughter Jesse, the physics professor John T. Neumeyer finds a case with a police dossier relating his death in five days. He initially believes it is a sick prank from the brilliant but deranged physics student Carl Axelrod, but when a series of events related in the documents occur, he realizes that the file has been sent from the future. With the support of Detective Irwin Sikorski, whose name is indicated in the file as in charge of the investigation of his death, and suspecting of everybody including his girlfriend Claudia Whitney that has a blurred hidden past, J.T. tries to change the future and his fate. But Carl believes that any modification in the time-line will jeopardize mankind and the future of the planet.

By the time I gathered the information for my answer, you wrote additional details. Soooo... This certainly is what you are looking for. I recall seeing part of this but didn't get to see the complete film.