POLL : What movie role would you think you would be good at playing ?

i think i would be good at Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas ahahahahahah cause im always drunk lol


hhaahhh i think i could play rose from titanic causeee i can get in the mooddddd babyyy and i would love to kisss a guy as hot as leanordo dicapprio:D hahaahh well before anyways,now hes all old and grouchy ahahhhhhhh((::::


i would wanna be one of the plastics from the FIRST 'Mean Girls' :D (the 2nd one is lame)


I think I would be a pretty good Malcolm Reynolds.

"If your hand touches metal, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you."


Friends told me that I'm handsome, but with sometime I look like a serial killer or sex obsessed, so I think my roles would be on "American Psycho" or "Boogie Nights"...jejeje