Trying to remember the name of this sci-fi movie...?

I saw it once a really long time ago when I was pretty little, I think it was a comedy because of the content, but I was little so I don't remember the humor really.

When I bring it up to my parents they have no idea what I'm talking about, so maybe I dreamed the whole weird thing up xD. But I thought I'd try asking about it online once before I gave up trying to find the name of it.

All I remember is that this guy crashed his space-ship on a lonely desert planet and couldn't reach his friends so he couldn't be rescued. He wandered around for a while and then found this weird alien dude, and they became best friends or something.

Then eventually the alien got itself pregnant? It was a hermaphrodite, I guess. I think. Anyway the alien ended up dying as it gave birth and he had to take care of the alien's baby, and I think in the end he was finally rescued. And that's all I remember.


Enemy Mine!

Starring Kevin Costner as the human guy. I watched that all the time as a kid.

Ah! You are right. It was Dennis Quaid 1985. My bad - drat this memory. And Louis Gossett Jr.


It's Enemy Mine, but I though Dennis Quaid was the lead.


Enemy Mine - AWESOME movie

Dennis Quaid is actually the human - not costnar


"Enemy Mine" starring Dennis Quaid & I can't recall the name of the black man who played the alien, but he also costarred in "Iron Eagle".