Learning to play the guitar?

I'm looking to learn to play the guitar. I was wondering what I should learn on. I'd prefer an acoustic, but I have a friend that might sell his acoustic/electric. Thoughts?


The acoustic is beneficial to learn on, but an electric acoustic has most of the same qualities. I recommend starting with rhythm on an acoustic at first. It gives you a better feel for the sound and beat.


oooh oooh...electric!


Hello there,

You can learn on any guitar whether it is acoustic, electric, or acoustic-electric. Some folks think it is best to learn on an acoustic because it is more forgiving. Others think it is best to learn on an electric because it is easier to play. Both arguments have merit. I believe you should learn on whatever you most want to play. It takes desire, dedication and diligence to learn. It is harder to stick with it if you are learning on an instrument you do not really want to play. Whichever style guitar you most want to play, get one of those to learn on.