ETF: Ronnie or Craig...?

My vote goes to Ronnie ?

(Repost from celebrities - I'm not spamming!)


Ronnie! Every time a band gets a new singer they just don't seem like the same band. Ronnie's voice was very unique and thats how I got started out with the band. I still love ETF, I just feel that with Ronnie, Escape The Fate was Escape The Fate...

(there is "The Flood" video which makes me love Craig though o.O...and Max!)

edit*: right. My friends and I also like the parts when Max pretty much stalked Craig from behind to sing into the mic and when Craig was messing with his hair, it was adorable...

Still Ronnie though!



Though I liked Craig in Bless The Fall*, Ronnie WAS Escape The Fate.

I can't say that I "can't stand" the new music Escape the Fate is releasing, I just preferred Ronnie's voice better.

I can't wait for "Falling In Reverse" to release an album :D

I also love the band "The Blackout". In my opinion, they sound like Craig crossed with Ronnie. Check them out ;P


Honestly...why the hell would anyone pick Craig?