Has Ludacris lost all respect now that he featured on that Beiber song?

what happnd 2 Luda?


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not really I always saw him as more of a pop star then true hip hop so I'm not surprised. I do however like him alot more than most mainstream hip hop.


Well what little respect I did had for him went right out the window with that ****.


When I was thirteen, I had my first love

There was nobody that compaired to my baby

And nobody came between us

or could ever come above

She had me going crazy

Oh I was starstruck

She woke me up daily

Don't need no Starbucks

She make my heart pound[wwwhhhooo]

and skip a beat when I see her in the street

and, At school, on the playground

But I really wanna see her on the weekend

She know she got me dazing

Cuz she was so amazing

And now, my heart is breakin'

But I just keep on sayin'

^^that was just sad man^^


Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohh!


No I have not lost all respect for Ludacris since he was featured on a Justin Beiber song.


To me, it's all about the music. So if Luda can still make a good songs, he can go make all the bad music he wants with Justin Beiber and I will still have respect for him, as long as he still puts out good stuff.


Why would he? Baby is a good song.


Naaa Ludas A Commercial Artist You Have To Expect That. I Think Luda CAN RAP And He's Got Talent But It's Not Like He Was Speakin Knowledge And Then He Turned Around A Did A Song With Just Bieber