Have you ever had mixed emotions on a song?

for example: like the music in general, the way its put together is SO damn good that it makes you happy, but the lyrics are actually meant to be sad or depressing.

thats how i feel about The Cranberries' song "Zombie".

same with The Killers' song "Desperate"

what about you?

BQ: Hey you! :] (yes you), what do you think about Personal Jesus for a name? ;D


i'm 2 hours late!

Shake it Out by Manchester makes me feel so darn goood! but the lyrics are kind of sad i guess.

Welcome to The Black Parade by your favorite band haha. again,it makes me feel so darn good.the sound lifts my soul. but the lyrics talk about a dead person.

THe Cranberries! Zombie makes me feel Alive for some reason but the lyrics are sad because its about the war.

BQ:me? haha.LOve it! go for it :)

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the song wild horses by the rolling stones can me feel really really good, or it can make me weep.


I think the perfect song for this question is by Black Flag, called "Depression." Might sound a little obvious, yes, but this is arguably their best song as it's an exhilirating 1 1/2 minute ride through the mindset of a bored suburban teenager, desperate to break the mold and in serious need of venting. Given the title of it, you'd be surprised how much adrenaline runs through you while listening to it.


Oh yeah, definitely! but sometimes i think it's the other way around with me. The song's meaning is more upbeat and happy, yet I feel gloomy when I listen to it. I can't really think of any songs right now because I'm so outta it....

BA: Good choice, awesome song. :P


Sure, happens all the time. Notable one is 'No Surprises' by Radiohead. Happy music about suicide.

BQ: As in the Depeche Mode song? Not bad.