So, any Franz Ferdinand fans out there?

im crazy for Franzy Pantz! they've been my favorite band since i was 9. i think they are amazing! i saw them live last year, it was insanely good! i think they play better live than in studio. i own all their albums and DVD's. anything, you name it i have it :)

i cant really explain my love for them.

BQ: favorite songs by them?

Darts Of Pleasure, Auf Achse, Well That Was Easy, Walk Away, Fade Together..etc.

BQ2: favorite album?

Franz Ferdinand. i love their old stuff.

BQ3: favorite band member?

Nicholas McCarthy. he's the reason why im a musician and why im moving to Scotland.

BQ4: what do you think of their new album Tonight?

i love it, but not as much as Franz Ferdinand and You Could Have It So Much Better.

thanks :)


They used to be my favorite band back when I was 14 or so. Still like them a lot, just not as much. I saw them back then as well when they were touring 'You Could Have It...'. They did a gig with Death Cab for Cutie and were so much better than them.


Auf Achse, Walk Away, Fade Together, Outsiders, Lucid Dreams


You Could Have It So Much Better...


Alex Kapranos is too cool for his own sake.


It was alright. Some good stuff some average. Not as good as the others but it was a pretty consistent album. Lucid Dreams was awesome.


franz ferdinand is one of my favorite pop rock bands

i saw them live last year, it was an odd show for me. i'm still piecing together whether i enjoyed myself or not but they definitely understand how to put together a lively set

my favorite songs are eleanor put your boots on, fade together, take me out, the dark of the matinee, this fire, michael and ulysses

my favorite album is franz ferdinand

i enjoy mr. alex kapranos of course, i'll also mention here that i like their videos and art

tonight was quite alright

update: upon further deliberation i have decided that i just made too big of an *** out of myself at that concert to allow myself to retrospectively enjoy it. it happens. we'll all move on now.

"you're looking at everyone, they're not looking at you"


Oh hell yeah! Count me in on the Franzy Pantz club lol.

BA: Bite Hard, Dark of the Matinee, Take Me Out, No You girl, Walk Away...ALL OF THEM!

BA2: I also like their old stuff.

BA3: I like all of them. They seem like fun guys in their music videos are creative!

BA4: I still think it's really good.


i don't feel like answering this.

EDit: no you don't you don't ;)


why yes. (:

BA: no you girls, jaqueline, & of course take me out(:

BA2: self titled. i don't own you could have it so much better yet, only this one & tonight.

BA4: i like it.