? where is my mind? where is my mind?

? where is my mind?


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swimming in the carribbean, hiding behind some rocks.


its with the lucky funky monkey and the fairies that piss on the magical mushrooms!:D


I stole it from Surfer Rosa


Blown across the floor, from the incredible event that just happened. Of course, you cannot remember it...


Did your head collapse, and when there was nothing in it, did you decide to ask this question?

I'm sorry, The Pixies took it. A monkey flew with it to heaven :D

I just realized if you aren't a pixies fan, what I just said makes no sense.


lost forever


Way out in the water, see it swimmin? :)

i lent it to the Pixies...i hope you dont mind!


You dropped it in the amusement park and I dropped it off at the lost and found, which you never came back to get. YOU SHOULD RETRIEVE IT NOW BEFORE SOMEONE STEALS IT!