Big L > Tupac&Biggie?

Big L doesnt get nearly as much attention as Biggie and Pac and they are known as the 2 greatest of all time, but in my opinion I think Big L is better than both of them, even though its kinda hard to compare him to Pac cuz Pac had a very different style, but does anyone else feel that Big L could possibly be better than Pac, Biggie, or both?


Their styles aren't comparable so to say who was best is hard. Big L was punchlines and wordplay, Pac was more political and street smart. Big L is my favorite rapper of all time but that is the style I like...his rhymes were genius..

Here's a mix with Pac, Biggie, L, and Pun..Big L is defff the best in this one:…


No way


nope not i no sur. i like big l but hes not better than Pac or Big


Ok...yes,I think Big L>Pac and Big.



He was a good rapper but his songs were all the same topic


sell wtf?

dude was dope but not that great.

His lyrics were probably nicer the big's and pac's ever were but seriously



No. Pac And Biggies Music Is Timeless. Big L Is Niiice But It Gets Old After A While.