Whats the music video for "Love Like Woe" By:The Ready Set about?!?

I've watched the video numerous times but i cant figure out what the music video is about or how it even ties in with the song?

Here's the video:


hah, well the meaning of the song, Jordan said, is about I guess being in love with someone that's kind of bad for you. but the music video itself is uniquely created to be nothing like the song. i answered this question the other day, this is what i told the person:

I saw a video The Ready Set posted up about the making of the music video, and he says he wanted the music video to be like the opposite of how the song sounds.

Basically he's having somewhat of a "house party" and zombies are trying to get in and pretty much take them. So the people with lights for eyes are supposed to be zombies.

Apparently Jordan wanted to have some sort of monsters in the music video, and since at his shows he has a bunch of lights for his light show, they combined the ideas of a bunch of lights(in the shack where the party is held) and the zombies and came up with the storyline.

Hope that made some sort of sense. Sorry if I confused you a bit, but I hope i somewhat answered your question. The source below is the "Making of 'Love Like Woe'" video I mentioned.


I asked myself that, too. It has nothing to do with the song. It's completely for fun and nothing with the song meaning.