Guitar help?

I just got my first electric guitar and really want to learn to play well. also want to learm how to shred. Any tips?


Learn the pentatonic scale and ALL of the "basic" chords (open chords).


Google or Youtube can help you.


Practice your *** off. Seriously. Play until your fingers bleed. That's how to become a shredder.


Go to and search a song. If you don't know how to read tabs, look that up on


The series of Complete Learn To Play books by Peter Gelling are terrific ways to learn how to play just about any type of guitar or any other kind of instrument for that matter. If you wanna shred, pick up the Lead Guitar book in the series.


i started playin guitar about 5 months ago and i got really good

developing a callis will take a while and ur fingers will get sore sometimes but thats good but sometimes when u play for a really long time (in a day) you will mess up like crazy but when u hav a callis it will be really easy to play.(btw when u hav a callis the strings wont hurt).

play with power chords:(for example) put ur index finger on the 3rd fret on the 1st string, ur ring finger on the 5th fret on the 2nd string and strum

lots of songs use power chords

power chords are on 3 strings and 2 frets appart and can be played anywhere on the fretboard( the 3rd string is the one under ur ring finger and put ur pinky on the the same fret as ur ring finger but on the string under

begginers play the way i described it in the last paragraph(with only 2 frets)


BTW if u wanna learn a song, go to google, type the name of the song u anna learn and type tabs

for example(i wanna rock tabs)

to start developing a callis, press the 12th fret on the 6th string down on the fretboard then push the string upwards