Anyone know any good rap music?

Okay I want some new music on my iPod but I can't seen to find any good music that is rap. I have like all Eminem songs so please don't suggest any eminem music. Please tell me some good songs and... yeah!


Lupe Fiasco-One of the most realest rappers alive and is almost as good as Eminem…

Royce da 5'9- The only rapper alive that doesn't get killed by the greatest rapper alive(Eminem) in colaborations.…

J.Cole- A rapper who is going to help save Hip Hop

Novi Novak- A rapper who is better than most mainstream rappers and turned down the offer to join young money cuz he was too good for them…

Kid CuDi- A very dope rapper that raps about dope and life

Dr Dre- An old rapper that is making a comeback by releasing his longly anticipated album Detox,…


The Grouch always keeps it real..........branch out from there


Hah, I doubt that..

You have his D12 songs?

Cheack out 2poc...

Theres tons.. o.e

Pfft, GL with that dude..

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the grouch is 'ok' but u hav to check out "brother ali"

P.O.S, common market, atmosphere, blue scholars, eyedea, mf doom, blu and exile, immortal tech, mos def (w/ talib queli the duo is "blackstar"), non phixion, mr. lif, bliss n eso