What is the point in rick rolling someone?

you know when somebody gives you a link and it turns out to be a video playing "never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley. maybe im being an idiot thinking you know what i am speaking of, but if you do, what is the joke in somebody being rick rolled? i dont see the joke. i dont care what you say so im just gonna start calling people out. interpret it how you want.

c?b? ?εα? ?t т?ε wнεε? ?


boredom, usually

consider it the internet equivalent of cow tipping.



Because it's fun to do this

Title: OMG, hooot girl!

then they get rick rolled ;)


If anything, the jokes on them. It takes them more time to set up the "joke" than to be the victim.


Actually Cowboy Neal left you a faulty rickroll. The bad ones are impossible to close out of. Consider yourself lucky.


c?b? ?εα? ?t т?ε wнεε? ? is actually on the FBIs Most Wanted List, I'd be careful opening anything from him.