Avenged Sevenfold vs Beatles?

Similarities and Differences? (Don't list the obvious ones, like they're guys, they're both rock bands, etc.).


The Beatles innovated rock so that bands Like a7x can compound what has already been done by legends. What I mean by that is they are original not all of their songs sound the same they have range, for example the song eternal rest off waken the fallen, and the new single Dear God, 2 totally different styles but both rock! The Beatles were the same way, example: back in the ussr and hey jude, 2 different style songs but both are epic. That is my 2 cents


Does this even count as a genuine question?


I'm LMAO. The Beatles by such a long shot.


Difference, Beatles are good, A7X fails at life.

@above me: Ringo was the drummer, and he's still alive.


Avenged Sevenfold lose because they exist.


>implying this isn't a troll question.

Okay, hmm

They both have/had left handed musicians in the band. Zacky and Paul, I believe.


They are both very different... apart from both bands use alot of variety in their music and both creative, but thats about it.


i love them both.....


a7x is more metal

beatles are liked by everyone (sadly not everyone loves a7x)

a7x has expicit song lyrics

a7x has 5 members while beatles is 4

a7x is still around

different time periods

different type of rock


zacky and paul are both left handed

both band's drummers have died :'''(

they are both my favorite bands

love music

funny people