I have a strings competition ?

Tommarow I have a strings competition( violin, viola, cello, and bass) with my class. I have to share a stand with this guy who plays off tune, off key, off rhythm, and very loudly. On purpose. During a slow part of the peice, he played the same note loudly and as fast as he can. Since, he plays loudly and off rhythm , I start playing off rhythm. How can I ignore his playing so I can play my part correctly. FYI, I have to perform right next to him.


I'm assuming you will be competing in Kiwanis with several other schools?

Anyway, your best bet is to practice tonight with a metronome and make sure you are 100% confident with the tempo and the dynamics!

Remember, tempo and dynamics...

Try your best to tune the guy beside you out and listen to the rest of the ensemble

Your eyes should be ALWAYS on the conductor!

If you watch, then you won't get off beat.


Use an earplug in the ear closest to him.


You can use headphones! Or something that prevents you from listening to him, otherwise it will be very difficult to start playing in rhythm.