Is it weird that I like trance music but don't like clubbing?

I don't take drugs or drink either, but for some reason i seem to just enjoy listening to certain trance tunes. Someone i know reckons it's 'music for druggys', but i like it and dont do drugs.

is it normal to like music like trance and techno etc if you don't like clubbing and stuff?


Not weird at all. You like the music for itself, and don't need alcohol, drugs or superficial mingling to enjoy it


freak. gtfo.


clubbing who/what? oh nvm you looked like the type...nvm.


I'll answer you with another question: "It is weird that I listen to metal but don't go to shows?"

Please, don't be another victim of stereotyping....


Nope. that's perfectly normal. I do that too. trance music is to put you in a state of half sleep and half awake. it makes you feel good and sometimes high too.(not actually)...


I'm a trance fan and underage to go clubbing, so I don't go clubbing. Don't listen to stereotype about it being for druggies, its a very beautiful genre.


I like it, and I'm in pretty much the same boat as you, so either we're both weird or it's kinda normal. I reckon you probably need drugs to appreciate it as it was meant to be heard, but I kinda like it without them.


no! it's awesome! ....i really enjoy some trance and techno as well...i don't drink at all or do the movie 24 hour party people...they drink and do drugs and party and stuff...but you can see where that style of music evolved from and you'll see some people just enjoy music and certain groups of close knit scenes